Learning Gypsy Jazz: Documenting The Process Part 4

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This whole post is pretty some of the most recent cool lessons I’ve found from Christiaan van Hemert, as much as I could locate on the van Hemert System. Great stuff and very inspiring, logical and great sounding lines. Along with Denis Chang, Yaakov Hooter and Robin Nolan’s material, I think these are some of the most practical and useful gypsy jazz guitar instructional material I’ve located online. Practice sold separately LOL.

I plan to post some of the licks and ideas I’ve practiced as part of the upcoming posts. I have to – because if not this is just all theory + resources, not documented practice!

Rhythm Workshop Preview – Django Fest North West 2017

Authentic Improvisation Workshop – Django Fest North West 2017

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All this study and research is all leading up to my performance at No Black Tie with the wonderful Denis Chang!

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Hope to see you there! 🙂


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