Learning Gypsy Jazz: Documenting the Process Part 2

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In this post, I share more cool resources I’ve found – some of these are pretty geeky but that’s exactly why they’re cool. Most of these links are from Denis Chang or his music school FB page, DC Music School.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar Technique: Wasso’s Waltz

And here are some versions of the songs that I’ve listened to in order to learn the music:

A great lesson from Stephane Wrembel about the importance of learning melodies:

And Yaakov teaches how to spice up your melody playing:

And a cool soloing lesson from Yaakov Hoter about what he learned about Django’s soloing style:

This is all leading up to my performance at No Black Tie with the wonderful Denis Chang!

Book your tickets now here:

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Hope to see you there! 🙂


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