Learning Gypsy Jazz: Documenting the Process Part 3

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I realise as I worked more and more on this style, a few things seem to be a common thread – i.e most useful and effective in learning the style:
1. Learn the melodies by ear and get the nuances from a great performer’s version
2. Learn one lick at a time, understand it and make sure you know the fingering clearly. Most importantly, learn to play the lick in time
3. Practice with good backing tracks and start using the licks
4. Play confidently, it helps with the time feel and vibe
5. Memorise all these things, as much as possible

The videos and links below are the most useful ones I’ve checked out since the last post.

Minor Blues


Support Materials for 24 Gypsy Jazz Standards

This is all leading up to my performance at No Black Tie with the wonderful Denis Chang!

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