12 Lessons on Arpeggios For Jazz Guitar & Jazz Blues Soloing

Do arpeggios confuse you?
Do you want to know how to use arpeggios in a musical way?
Check out these 12 videos to level up your arpeggio game!

1. How to Combine Arpeggios with Pentatonic Ideas in Blues Guitar

2. How to Add Jazzy Arpeggios in Jazz Blues Soloing

3. How to Solo Over a II V I Progression Using Arpeggios for Jazz Guitar

4. E Major 7 Lydian Lick using Arpeggios and Intervallic Ideas

5. How to Combine Harmonic Minor and Arpeggios for Acoustic Guitar Soloing

6. How to Learn Triad Arpeggios On Guitar

7. How to Sound Jazzy Over F7 (Altered Scale Arpeggio Sub)

8. How To Create A Bebop Sound on a D7 Chord

9. How To Solo On Autumn Leaves (Or Any Turnaround Section)

10. How to Create An Altered Dominant Sound Using Jazz Arpeggios

11. How to Get a Tal Farlow/Pat Martino inspired sound:

12. How to Get a Nice Major 7th sound:

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