Book Review: A Guide to Developing a Chromatic Approach to Improvisation by Tony Greaves

This is an interesting piece of work coming from Tony Greaves, a guitarist and educator that I’ve been following for some time. His Triad Pairs Facebook page focuses on the triad pair concepts for creating jazz lines. Tony is releasing, ‘Triad Pairs- The First Step’ next month in June. Since he’s releasing a new book, I decided to write a review of this book that was released mid of last year.

It’s not just a book but is a whole workshop for beginner and intermediate guitar players to develop a chromatic approach within the bebop language. When you purchase this, you will receive:

  • 23 page E-book (PDF)
  • 36 minute video lesson
  • 36 minute audio lesson (the audio part of the video)
  • No Apology (audio file)

The highlight for me is the 36 minute video that accompanies the E-book. In fact, I feel that watching the video with the e-book open (and your guitar in hand) is the best way to go through the material. Tony has a very friendly conversational style to teaching that makes it accessible for someone new to this topic.

The etude entitled ‘No Apology’ (which is over the changes of “Ornithology” by Charlie Parker) is dissected and explained bar by bar in the video much like music college jazz improvisation class explanation. That means it’s pretty cool and is very likely to be helpful for those who are curious about the building blocks of the solo. The fact that Tony has applied the concepts over an actual jazz standard chord progression makes it a very practical work rather than just an abstract theory based text on chromatic jazz improvisation.

The etude is filled with bebop vocabulary that sound great! Many of the lines are worth transposing and learning as well in addition to being learned in its entirety.

TLDR: If you’re curious about how to create chromatic lines, this package is a good introduction to the topic. If you’re open to Tony’s practice suggestions, the exercises and etudes can help you develop your skills.
PROS: Great video and Audio content in addition to the e-book. In fact, it’s probably really a video lesson as a feature with the added material.
CONS: E-book feels like it could be longer a bit.

You can get the book here:

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