Book Review: The Tao of Badass Guitar by Ben Higgins

I first found out about Ben Higgins via his articles on Guitar World Online. As I read his articles and watched his videos on YouTube, I became convinced that this guy really knew his stuff. After getting one of his Badass Guitar Courses, I was totally a fan. It would lead me to get A LOT of his videos and eventually this book.

In The Tao of Badass Guitar, you get very direct, very honest and real advice. Ben basically talks to you like how a close buddy would while hanging out. He doesn’t mince his words so there’s a lot of profanities interspersed within the advice he dispenses. If you’re uncomfortable with swearing, this book may not be a good choice for you because of the language used.

However, if the language doesn’t bother you – the pure content will fire you up! In 8 concise chapters, Ben summarises important tips that will help you develop your playing. This is not a style dependent book – all the tips address fundamental issues in terms of mindset, practice and playing approach. You could play rock, blues, jazz, fingerstyle guitar – a player from any musical background can benefit from this book.

Ben says it as it is and is a really passionate educator. If you want to learn practical concepts in a very concise and direct way, get this book. And then, get as many of his video courses. Great stuff. Strongly recommended!

Pros: Very short book with precise tips that you can apply immediately.
Very short book – I wish there was more but this book is pretty much in the same aesthetic as Ben’s other works – he doesn’t do long-winded content.
TLDR: If you liked Zen Guitar but want something a bit more edgy, get this book, read it in one sitting and revisit it every few weeks or months.

I bought this copy from Amazon. Love Ben’s work, you should too.

How to Buy:
Please buy this book from Amazon here. It’s only USD$2.99!

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