Cool Guitar Videos Part 3 (Jazz, Blues, Rock and Fingerstyle Guitar)


I realised that I discover all these cool videos with tons of lines and ideas that inspire me & that I’d like to transcribe. Day after day all these videos appear and then disappear because other videos on my Facebook timeline. This is my attempt to archive the videos so I can study the ideas and find them again.  Check it out. =)

This is part 3.
Part 2 was here.
Part 1 was here.


Not a guitar video but an AMAZING LESSON on using motives for jazz improvisation.

A Q&A video with legendary jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno:

This is a full lesson from Tom Quayle!


[Mateus Asato]

Mateus combines jazz, blues, R&B, neo-soul and more into his own style. Not sure what to label it – all I know is that it’s a lot of great ideas!



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