Mary Halvorson Guitar Style – Composing, Improvising and Creative Approaches

I’m a huge fan of Mary Halvorson’s work and immense creative output. She’s one of the musicians that I would love to catch live in concert in the near future. So far I haven’t managed to catch her live or take a lesson with her yet.

This post (2nd in a series featuring different guitarists, first one on Nile Rodgers here) collects some of the most interesting music, interviews, lessons, articles and podcasts that I’ve found on her work. If you’re a fan or curious about her music or approach to music, I hope this post will help you find some new ideas. I will be going through these as well.

Have fun.


Her latest album, Code Girl:

Interviews and Lessons:


The New York Times:


National Endowment of the Arts:

Rolling Stone:

Premier Guitar:

BOMB Magazine:

Bandcamp Daily:


Avant Music News:

At Length Mag:

Jazz Times

Spectrum Culture:

The Jazz Gallery Residency Commissions: Mary Halvorson Speaks

Wire Playlist: Mary Halvorson


Positively Underground

“Talk Music Talk with boice” Mary Halvorson Podcast Interview 135


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