Practicing Mick Goodrick’s Almanac of Guitar Voice Leading Volume 1

Recently, I started practicing a few pages of Mick’s awesome book “Almanac of Guitar Voice Leading Volume 1” every day. It’s been an interesting process to discover unfamiliar voicing types and learn new sounds. In the middle of the 10 days, I also started work on Ken Taft’s Developmental Arpeggios book. Here’s a collection of the first 10 days of practice so far.

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  1. James Johnson says

    I’ve come by a copy of the above, (and quite lucky from what I’ve read). I know it states “there are no instructions”, and that’s cool. But if you could direct me on how to get started/proceed in any way, it would be immensely appreciated! I know the neck/notes, no problem there. I’m just confused about the “arrows/directions”. Any help? A video of (any kind), with some insight, would more than get me started.

    Warm Regards
    James Johnson

    • says

      Hi James,

      Sorry for the late reply! I missed the comments moderation section.

      For the voiceleading exercises, I would recommend taking 1 page at a time (that’s a lot already) and probably start with the drop-2 voicings.

      The arrows point to the next note (up or down). as long as you start low (if the arrows point up) or start higher up the next (if most of the upcoming arrows point down – i.e. voicelead down) – you should be in good shape.

      Mick’s approach is basically to document the possibilities – and to work through the book is to discover it, not to master it in any sense. If you do a bit regularly, it will help in the long run (give a few months to a year, at the shortest time frame).

      Hope that helps! Please reach out to me on Facebook too – my page is and I often do FB Live broadcasts there.

      Thanks for commenting!


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