Book Review: Exercises & Etudes – An advanced method for the fingerstyle guitarist by Itamar Erez

I recently received a copy of this book by Vancouver-based guitarist and composer Itamar Erez. Intended for fingerstyle guitarists, the book contains 17 exercises in three categories: warm-up, scales and arpeggio & tremolo and 6 Etudes. A great book with clear text descriptions of each exercise, practice suggestions and also pro tips for the reader. I feel that the care and love that Itamar has put into each exercise makes this book a collection of very high quality, focused exercises designed to help you. This is important as I sometimes find other books with very generic (almost public domain exercises) without any additional input to make it special.

With Itamar’s work, the quality shines through each page. The book is printed on high quality paper that adds an even more exquisite experience to it. My favorite part of the book is how Itamar has made the exercises bite sized allowing me to work on specific aspects of my technique. The fact that the exercises are so focused allowed me to really get the most out of my practice time.

 Great well designed exercises in one convenient collection!
Cons: None.
TLDR: If you need to work on your fingerstyle technique, this book will be very helpful to improve your skills.

Get your copy of the book here:

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