8 Blues Jams with 12 Amazing Guitarists: Blues & Jazz Blues Licks Galore!

The Blues is an amazing and rich tradition. Especially for guitarists, this is an essential part of developing our skills. For most improvising guitarists, you gotta have those blues licks in order to play and jam with anyone. So many times, the blues is what enabled me to play with musicians from different countries from USA, Europe, Britain, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. If you want to be able to TALK and JAM, you gotta have the blues. To learn the blues language, nothing beats learning it directly by ear, any licks that you LOVE and you LIKE.

Here are 8 jams I did with 12 amazing guitarists. Check them out and steal any guitar licks that catches your ear. Enjoy!

BONUS: Here’s something non-guitar from the Penang Island Jazz Festival, jamming with jazz saxophonist Nicole Johänntgen!

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