Learning Gypsy Jazz: Part 7 – Gypsy Picking Technique Resources

Gypsy picking technique was really confusing to me for a long time, even after buying quite a lot of lesson videos (and getting Michael Horowitz landmark book) about the topic. It was only fairly recently that it started to make more sense to me. Excluding paid products/resources & in person lessons/workshops I’ve had with Denis Chang & Antoine Boyer recently at the Taipei Gypsy Jazz Festival 2018, these are some of the most helpful videos I’ve found.

I would recommend watching them in the order I’ve listed here.

  • If you only watch one video, watch the first Dani Rabin video below.
  • If you watch 4 videos, watch the first four videos.
  • If you get more time, watch all the Christiaan Van Hemert videos below. All of them are good & require more time to go through but are definitely worth the time especially if you take notes as you watch them.

Have you found any other videos that have helped you?

Please let me know as I really appreciate any help and guidance especially in this topic from more experienced players, students, teachers and performers! 🙂


Clément Reboul Lesson

Dani Rabin from Marbin


Christiaan Van Hemert YouTube Lessons:

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